Decision support on security investment


The DESSI project develops a tool that will support decision-makers in situations, where different investments for a security-related problem are available. This tool enables a comparison and evaluation of different investments to promote transparency in decision-making and security policies. The comparison will be made within different dimensions that include benefits, threats and costs for a specific context/situation and possible security solutions. This approach will make the DESSI tool unique. Thus, the assessment in the DESSI method aims to clarify and sensitize the user of the DESSI process for the various aspects related to the security problem and its potential solution. It provides a versatile participatory assessment process, which combines a foresight and technology assessment methodologies with multi-criteria assessment methods and security research insights. Among others, the assessment in DESSI is based on the consultation of the relevant decision-makers, actors, stakeholders and experts. Their knowledge input is valuable for the adequate description and assessment of the security problem, and the security investments. Their participation ensures a balanced and overall assessment and is likely to increase the acceptability of the investment.